How to Rent a Used Piano and Not Get Disappointed – Factors to Closely Check

Why would you consider picking a secondhand piano? There are several excellent reasons for considering it. For one thing, if you are a professional player who has mastered the many techniques of playing the piano, it is often very difficult to find a piano that is exactly like the one you have.

Buying a secondhand model allows you to continue to practice your skills with a piano that is almost identical to the one you have grown to love. Secondly, secondhand pianos are almost always cheaper than their brand-new counterparts.

This is because the cost of a new piano is directly proportional to its overall value. A newly purchased piano may be from a reputable manufacturer and will therefore have been properly inspected and repaired if necessary. On the other hand, a used piano may not have had the necessary maintenance work done to prevent deterioration.

If the piano is used daily or regularly, it is also likely that the damages to the internal mechanisms of the instrument will have rendered it in need of repair. If the damaged part is not repairable, then the overall value of the piano will suffer accordingly.

You will find it tempting to go for the more expensive models of pianos if they are available. However, that can be somewhat misleading. It is true that secondhand pianos are usually less expensive than their brand-new counterparts.

But what they lack in durability and resale value they more than makeup for in musical quality. Many famous musicians have chosen to buy used pianos, and their latest music shows no sign of aging. As an intelligent buyer, you should consider what factors are most important in selecting the right instrument.

The first factor to consider is the age and physical condition of the instrument. Look at the hammers, keys, and other mechanisms that make up the actual piano. Can they be moved easily and are they easily adjustable? Do you plan on using it for playing and the likes?

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If you plan on moving it around a lot or storing it away for the long term, then there is no point in investing in used pianos. Second, you need to ask yourself how old the particular piano is. In today’s market, many secondhand pianos were made decades ago and even centuries ago.

Some manufacturers may still produce a handful of older pianos around the world. But these are generally rare and the prices for them will be very high. If there are a large number of them out there, their value will also be very high. Thirdly, pay close attention to how well it is functioning.

A piano that has been recently used might have problems with its inner workings and would therefore not perform well. It is advisable to avoid purchasing used pianos unless they have been thoroughly inspected by a professional. The best way to determine whether a used piano is good is to check it out yourself.

Fourth, check for damages at the front and back of the piano. Pay attention to how the strings are tuned and if there are any dents or cracks at the corners of the body. Also, check the finish of the body and the nuts and bolts tightly holding it together. A gently worn down keyboard can often sound much better than a newly purchased secondhand piano.

Fifth, if you find some damage on a part of the piano which is not easily accessible (for example, the head or the armrest of the piano), do not purchase it yet. The problem can be fixed later when you have more money to spend on the piano.

Purchasing a used secondhand piano, though, should be done only after you have considered all the aforementioned factors. As a matter of fact, some pianos sold secondhand are in fact new, as they were repaired before being put up for sale on the market.