How to Help the Needy

Helping is an act of kindness. Do good to others, and it will come back to you reads a very old proverb. When God has blessed us with a lot of resources, it is always a good thing to help your neighbor. Helping the needy is one of the most satisfying acts of kindness that can be done. When you share and help the needy, you partake in their happiness and become grateful and satisfied. There are different ways by which a person who is needy can be helped. There are many people without the basic requirements of life even. Here are some ways on how you can help them.

Care and respect.

Even if you are not in a position to help a person financially, care and respect are the least you could give them. Treat every equally and show humanity. Treat them with kindness and the right morale.

Personal help.

Start a saving account or deposit small portions of money in your piggy bank. Small saving every day can amount to a large sum after say, a year. Assign to save some part of your money just to help the needy.

Fundraising shows.

Showcase fund rising shows. Use a fixed part of the profits to lend to the needy. Have tie ups with small companies to raise funds. If you are creative, make bookmarks, cards or different art materials. Put the items on sale. Use a small portion of the money to lend to the needy.


Get in touch with Ngo’s or any government Organisations that work among the villages especially to uplift the needy people’s education. The work is very satisfying. Even if you can’t give all your time at work, you can always volunteer and give a small portion of your time to educate the poor. Take tuitions for no fee or minimal fees for those who can’t afford to study. Visit government homes and orphanages to encourage them and assist them financially with whatever you can. Save a small amount of money you can get every month to give to the needy. Try to avoid fancy celebrations if possible, donating that money to the poor.



Do not throw away your old clothes. If it’s in a re-usable condition, keep on saving it throughout the year. When a lot of your old clothes pile up, visit an orphanage or an old age home and donate. Donate books, old materials, kitchen wares and another item that can be reused again.

Social media.

Promote fundraising events through Social Media. Make pages for campaigns and invite followers to create awareness. Spread awareness through Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Be of help in whatever small way possible. Look around for acts of kindness. Encourage and appreciate people who lend a helping hand.