Healthy Living in your 70’s and More

Aging refers to the progressive changes in your body. It is said that you are bound to live ten more years longer than your parents. This can only come with taking good care of your bodies, eating right and visiting a doctor for frequent checkups. Once you cross your 40’s, you need to be a little conscious, especially in your diet. Being obese in your old age means being more lazy and clumsy. This is why you should consider following a healthy nutritious diet plan when your late 30’s or 40’s start. Keeping your body in check from very young will help you stay healthy even in your old age.



Stay calm and happy.

The most important thing is to remain happy. Even in your old age take up activities that keep you happy and occupied. Once you start lazing away, the tendency repeats. Do regular exercise, go for walks and visit your health Centre regularly. Abstain from smoking and consuming too much of alcohol. Have control over your food. Stay away from eating oily junk food. Depend on fresh fruits and vegetables that impact your health in a positive way. Take vitamin supplements in case your body lacks them. These are some of the simple measures you take from home. Try to avoid any situation that puts you into stress.

Prevention of sickness.

Some sickness like heart attack, vertigo, insomnia or Alzheimer’s would be very common among the age group of 70’s. Follow a balanced diet to avoid heart attacks. Anybody would have small events of forgetfulness. If everyday happenings are not being remembered, then visit the doctor. Insomnia or lack of sleep is very common in the late 60’s. Try to fall asleep as soon as you become tired. Follow the same timings the next day also. Darken your room and switch off the T.V at least an hour before u fall asleep. Listen to soft music. These are some small tips to get rid of insomnia. Have a heavy breakfast, a lighter lunch and lightest dinner possible. Drinking a warm glass of milk would help you sleep soon.

Safety measures.

Always transform the resources into old age friendly resources. Change the tiles if it is too slippery. As much as possible, try to sleep on the ground floor. This avoids climbing up of stairs. Repair your heater or cooler when there are extreme weather conditions. Do not fall sick because the equipment was not working. Wear a rubber grip slippers while moving around the house. As much as possible go for tests or screening every once a year. Conduct eye screening, test for hearing, cancer screening, prostate cancer screening for men, pelvic screening for women, test your cholesterol and sugar levels.