Do Signal Jammers Really Work?

I am certain at this point the majority of America has learned about Oprah’s “No Phone Zone” plan to educate individuals on the risks of driving while working with a handheld phone. It’s been pretty shocking to find out that texting while driving provides us the response time associated with a drunk driver! I’ve also read which there are already studies done that suggest that just two % of the public is effective at multitasking at a level that could enable them to run and text safely. When you consider the number of individuals actually drive and textual content, that’s a frighteningly low portion.

Luckily, there’s an emerging market for products that stop drivers from texting or working with a hand-held phone even though they drive. With this brand new sector appearing, American states passing harder legislation regarding driving and also using a handheld people, and phone as Oprah raising awareness, we might start to experience fewer as well as fewer mobile phone connected accidents.

cellphoneThrough my investigation into the new marketplace for text disablers along with other such products, I have seen a great deal of skepticism on if they truly work. I thought I will clean up several of those issues here by letting you know all about the way these devices work. In my analysis, I’ve observed 2 standard techniques that these gadgets employ; Bluetooth and GPS.

GPS text disablers are, by much, the most frequent in this new store. They’re not a terrible idea, and they are usually cheaper, though they do possess some flaws. Essentially, they work by always keeping your GPS on continually and in case the GPS registers you’re going at a velocity above a particular threshold (such as much faster than someone is able to walk), it is going to prevent you from dialing or texting from your cell phone. Today, this’s pretty successful, but will often be impractical. For example, whether you’re within the driver seat or maybe the passenger seat, the application will not understand the difference. Thus, in case you’re a passenger and wish to talk or maybe text on the phone, you are out of luck. Another thing to think about is the fact that this particular approach to text blocking is able to encounter issues in case there’s particularly bad weather or maybe in case you’re within a space in which satellite signals are tough to receive/send (such as a tunnel or perhaps underpass).

The Bluetooth strategy appears to be much more practical. The only person that I’ve watched use this strategy is Safe Driving Systems. Safe Driving Systems makes use of technology patented by the Faculty of Utah to link cellular phones on the vehicle’s OBD port. Their unit, known as Key two Safe Driving, uses a blue tooth dongle that links straight into the vehicle’s OBD port. The dongle then directs a signal to the cell phone, allowing it to know in case the automobile is going or not. When the automobile is running and going, the dongle will see the telephone to get into “Safe Driving Mode” that essentially shuts down the computer keyboard and also text/call notifications. Your texts are going to go straight to your inbox as well as your calls go directly to voicemail. Next, once the automobile is parked, the telephone is going to let you know you’ve messages. This strategy stays away from the obstacles which GPS methods incur also additionally, it enables you to create customized rules so you are able to still discuss and text when you’re not operating. Another characteristic of Key two Safe Driving is the point that you are able to generate emergency calls to 911 as well as two other pre-programmed amounts in case you have to. I didn’t see this quite often with the GPS based textual content blocker products. Lastly, the Bluetooth dongle forces your telephone to always keep it’s Bluetooth on, therefore you cannot cheat by just switching off your Bluetooth. Furthermore, in case you eliminate the dongle or maybe attempt to switch off the Bluetooth or maybe application, it is going to send a text on the unit administrator (usually a supervisor or perhaps parent) permitting them to know the unit have been tampered with. It appears to quite fool proof and much more realistic than the GPS textual content blocker products.

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