Help at Home

We will help in whatever way is needed. We aim to tailor our help to your needs.Know someone who could use our support?

A New Alliance

Alliance Living will lead a new partnership with Crossroads Care North Somerset called, The Crossroads Alliance. This will support the invaluable work that the unpaid carers do.

Caring is two-way

Volunteering is a way to give back the experience and love you have received. Our volunteers are trained and supported and get satisfaction.

Are you a carer?

All of us care. Whether it's supporting our friends and families in small way with a bit of childcare, advice, shopping or more. But the day comes when these small gestures add up to effect the life and freedom of the person who cares and they themselves need support and advice. This is where Crossroads steps in.


Crossroads Care aims to support people in their own homes and has a strong philosophy of “helping with” rather than “doing for”, thus assisting people to maintain their independence wherever possible.


Young Carers




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Latest News

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Helping is an act of kindness. Do good to others, and it will come back to you reads a very old proverb. When God has blessed us with a lot of resources, it is always a good thing to help your neighbor. Helping the needy is one of the most…

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Alternative Diet Programs

Many of us have had a terrible experience of dieting. That is not shocking as ninety-five % of dieters on an old style weight reduction diets don’t lose weight. Of the ones that do lose some weight, eighty % put all of the pounds lost back on in under twelve…

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Medical Marijuana The New Medicine

The medical experts have made it apparent that marijuana may be used as 1 of the most and dependable means of dealing with HIV, AIDS, Glaucoma as well as Parkinson’s disease patients. An individual who’s suffering from several life-threatening illnesses has the sole hope of becoming quick and treatment that…

iPhone Metal Case Designs

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Lots of people like to have their skin tanned, but due to the unwanted side effects of lack and tanning of understanding, they fail to determine the way to get a great tan. There’s no question that a great tan can make the individual look smart and sexy and along…

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